Usher – Has Herpes? STD? Grace Miguel

Radar reports that Usher Raymond IV was exposed to herpes in 2009 to 2010.  Doctors described the singer as a “asymptomatic carrier” of the STD.  The musician is currently married to Grace Miguel, the Cosby Show‘s former executive chef.  The website obtained legal documents revealing that Usher didn’t tell multiple bedtime partners about the disease.

The legal documents explain that “Fox-Davis” has suffered severe emotional distress since being infected by the disease.  She has also suffered depression and in 2012 it was difficult for her to leave her house.  I always wondered why Usher took such a long break from music.  He was on top of the world and then just disappeared.

Usher Has Herpes? STD? Grace Miguel
Usher Has Herpes? STD? Grace Miguel

The documents further explain how Fox-Davis feels horrible because she knows there’s no cure for the disease.  Genital and oral herpes are treatable yet they are not curable.  Fox-Davis is convinced that Usher knew that he was infected when he had unprotected relations with her.  Usher settled the suit in 2012, paying over $1 million in damages.

Rappers are tough but it’s the singers that need interventions these days.  First R. Kelly and now Usher:

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