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Taxstone – Troy Ave Indicted, Beef, Irving Plaza Shooting

Taxstone has been indicted for the 2016 shooting that killed Troy Ave’s bodyguard.  He was ordered held without bail at his arraignment on Thursday, July 13, 2017.  He was charged with the second degree murder of Ronald McPhatter.  Taxstone is known as a podcaster with all the answers.  We’ll see how he handles this one.

Taxstone was arrested in connection to the Troy Ave, T.I. concert shooting at New York City’s Irving Plaza.  The shooting occurred last year and Troy Ave’s bodyguard, Ronald “B$B Banga” McPhatter was killed.  The surveillance footage showed Troy Ave shoot his gun during the concert but luckily he avoided indictment.

Taxstone was arrested in Texas.  Troy Ave released a song dissing Taxstone and it looks like Taxstone attempted to get revenge.  Troy Ave is finally a safe man.  We still think he should move far away from New York City.  Taxstone was born Daryl Campbell on August 14, 1985 in Brooklyn, New York.

Taxstone Troy Ave Beef Irving Plaza Shooting
Taxstone Troy Ave Beef Irving Plaza Shooting

Like Soulja Boy and Chris Brown, Taxstone is a member of the Blood gang.  In the following video he discusses the Soulja Boy vs. Chris Brown beef:

Social media has been a gift and a curse for Taxstone.  He gained major fame using Twitter and is known for his Tax Season podcast.
In the video above, the podcast host is talking reckless, considering the fact that his DNA was found on the gun.  

Detectives also used social media to identify the man who used the gun in the shooting.  They used pictures on social media to conclude that the man is one of Taxstone’s associates.  Check out the video below for additional information:

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