Taquari Hatch – Lil Boosie Brother

Lil Boosie’s brother, Taquari Hatch, stole more than $360,000 from him.  He did so by making fraudulent wire transfers.  He was most likely hoping Boosie’s cancer diagnosis would make him unable to pay attention to his funds.  Boosie has been looking better than ever and his brother could end up serving some serious time.

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Taquari slipped up by mentioning his wife and the bank knew that Boosie wasn’t married.  Taquari’s mistake was a blessing in disguise.  If he wasn’t caught, he may have ended up stealing more than $1 million from his older brother.  If his brother was a part of his management team he could argue that the money was being transferred for business.

Taquari Hatch Lil Boosie Brother
Taquari Hatch Lil Boosie Brother

These charges should have come a long time ago.  Last year, Boosie revealed that someone stole money from his account via Instagram.  He claimed that Capital One was unprofessional but it looks like Boosie is the one who was actually unprofessional.  The rapper should have had people watching people.  His accountant should have been watching his funds and he should have made stronger relationships with the bank’s employees.
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