Robert Roy Farmer – San Jose, CA Cat Killer

Robert Roy Farmer is the 26-year-old from San Jose, CA who was sentenced to 16 years behind bars for killing cats.  He stole and killed 21 cats.  Many of the owners showed up for the sentencing.  You have to be a different type of evil to kill cats.  I hope Robert learns his lesson.  He won’t be released from prison until he’s 42-years-old.

Farmer was arrested in 2015 and justice has finally been served.  Robert grew up with cats and horses, making it more difficult to believe this story.  I grew up around cats and I adore them.  Animal cruelty laws are serious.  You can get more time for killing an animal than you can get for committing manslaughter.

Robert Roy Farmer San Jose CA Cat Killer
Robert Roy Farmer San Jose CA Cat Killer

Farmer’s father is a former captain of the San Jose Police Department.  Like the “Cash Me Ousside” girl (Danielle Bregoli), Robert lived a life of crime despite one of his parents working in law enforcement.  I’m surprised he wasn’t able to defend his actions by pleading insanity.  It’s clear that he needs some serious help.  The help Robert needs should have been identified when he was younger.  Sadly, it may be too late.

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By Jason John

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