Rick Ross – Angela Yee Picture

Rick Ross was feeling himself on The Breakfast Club.  The rapper made several inappropriate comments to Angela Yee and took the ridiculous picture below.  The pic shows the Miami native grabbing Angela with his tongue out.  The picture broke Twitter with many people calling Charlemagne and DJ Envy out for ignoring the situation.

Rick Ross was also called out for comments he made about signing a female rapper.  Angela asks him why he hasn’t signed any females and Ross explains that he wouldn’t be able to keep the relationship professional.  Ross has apologized since making the horrific comments.  He has a mother, sister and daughter but didn’t think twice before making the idiotic comments.

Rick Ross Angela Yee
Rick Ross Angela Yee

The tweet below explains that it’s not Angela Yee’s job to fix Rick Ross’ mindset.  I agree with the comment but I do think it’s Angela’s job to call Ross out for being inappropriate.

Angela indirectly gives other men permission to act improper by failing to call Ross out.  More importantly, young boys and girls who watch the interview will think the way Ross acted was acceptable.  Angela had Ross’ back, explaining that she has known him for a long time and didn’t feel uncomfortable.

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By Jason John

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