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Jukebox, Power – Anika Noni Rose, Spoilers

If you haven’t seen episode 6 of Power‘s fourth season, “New Man” please stop reading because this article contains spoilers.  Jukebox from Power aka Rose from The Quad gets shot and killed in the “New Man” episode of Power.  50 Cent always finds a way to ruin someone’s life.  His character on the series, Kanan, shoots and kills Jukebox.

Anika Noni Rose was born on September 6, 1972 and is currently 44-years-old.  She started acting in high school and then earned a theatre degree from Florida A&M University.  She’s one of the most talented actresses on the planet.  She plays a boss on The Quad and she played a lesbian boss on Power.

Jukebox Power Anika Noni Rose Spoilers
Jukebox Power Anika Noni Rose Spoilers

Jukebox and Kanan held Ghost’s son, Tariq, for ransom but Kanan can’t be trusted.  Kanan makes Ghost rob his own stash house.  This will definitely make life difficult for Tommy.  Ghost may have to go back to the streets to pay back the money he had to give Kanan.

Kanan didn’t care about his own son, Shawn, because he was “soft.” He cares about Ghost’s son, Tariq and finally tells him the truth.  Jukebox threatens to kill Tariq so Kanan kills her.

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