John Bernecker – Stuntman Injured, Walking Dead

John Bernecker is The Walking Dead stuntman who was injured after falling 20 feet.  He suffered a head injury.  The incident occurred in Atlanta, Georgia on Wednesday, July 12, 2017.  John’s girlfriend, Jennifer Cocker, wrote an emotional post on Facebook about the incident.  Scroll down to see Jennifer’s post.

The Walking Dead‘s eighth season is scheduled to debut in October 2017.  The series is slowly but surely declining.  The last thing the show’s team needed is John’s head injury.  Bernecker’s resume explains that he’s a pro when it comes to high falls.  I’m not sure what went wrong this time.  I’m praying it wasn’t the director’s fault.

John Bernecker Stuntman Injured Walking Dead
John Bernecker Stuntman Injured Walking Dead

The show’s team could be desperate to bring the series back to its glory.  They may be taking more risks than usual.  You get to a point where you’ve set the bar too high.  If they continue to try to outperform themselves, more people could get hurt.

Jennifer Cocker John Bernecker Girlfriend
Jennifer Cocker John Bernecker Girlfriend
The tweet below explains that John is a good guy.  I’m praying that he’ll get better.  This could be the beginning of the end for The Walking Dead.  We appreciate the amazing series but AMC won’t allow the negligence on the set.  
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