Jeff Felix – OJ Simpson Book

Jeff Felix’s OJ Simpson book, Guarding The Juice received some major publicity thanks to the Juice. Simpson mentioned the book before his hearing in Lovelock, Nevada.  Simpson and his lawyer, Malcolm LaVergne seemed to be unaware that the cameras were rolling before the hearing.  They discussed the guard’s book and called him out for lying.

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Simpson revealed that he met the guard when he first got to prison.  The former NFL star explained that the prison guard would tell outrageous stories.  Simpson says that his friends are trying to convince him to sue Felix for lying about him in the book.  It’s really weird hearing OJ Simpson call someone else out about a ridiculous book.  His 2007 book, If I Did It: Confessions of the Killer was the worst decision of his life.

Jeff was a guard at the prison while OJ was there but Simpson claims that he exaggerated their relationship.  Everyone’s looking for a payday.  Felix says that he was OJ’s closest friend at the jail but Simpson denies that claim.

Many believe that Simpson has an alcohol problem but the conditions of his parole allow him to drink and even smoke weed.

Jeff Felix OJ Simpson Book
Jeff Felix OJ Simpson Book
The following tweet makes fun of Michael Vick and OJ Simpson:

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