Jamel Dunn Video – Drowning Disabled Florida Man

The video at the end of this article shows Jamel Dunn drowning.  Just when you thought this week’s news couldn’t get crazier this video is released.  The horrific video shows Jamel drowning while teens are heard making jokes.  The incident occurred at Bracco Pond Park in Cocoa, Florida.  The boys heard on the video range from 14-16 years old.

The boys laughed as Dunn drowned to death.  While omission is not a crime, disrespect should be.  One of the boys should have called the police.  Social media has taken over the world and the boys were focused on capturing the moment instead of calling for help.  Mobile phones were once used to make phone calls, especially in emergency situations.

Jamel Dunn Video Drowning Disabled Florida Man
Jamel Dunn Video Drowning Disabled Florida Man

The boys were not phased when Dunn drowned.  One of the boys said “R.I.P.” and none of them panicked.  Sadly, the law is one their side.  The teens were not required to rescue Jamel or call police.  If someone would have tried to rescue him, they could have been held liable if they were negligent in doing so.

There’s the law and then there’s common decency.  Do these boys have hearts?

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