Is Instagram Getting Shut Down? – Deleting Accounts 2017

Instagram is shutting down accounts left and right.  I don’t like how they’re picking and choosing.  They shut down Rob Kardashian’s account for posting explicit content but didn’t shut down Amber Rose’s account.  Instagram is not getting shut down but many users have been complaining.  Celebrity accounts are getting hacked and people no longer trust the app.

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I think Snapchat is behind Instagram’s problems.  Instagram’s current bug is making user accounts appear to be deleted.  For long time users, a deleted account can be devastating.  All that time and those unforgettable moments down the drain.  Scroll down to see Twitter’s reaction to Instagram’s current issues.

Is Instagram Getting Shut Down? Deleting Accounts 2017
Is Instagram Getting Shut Down? Deleting Accounts 2017

The tweet below describes the large amount of people that were saying that Instagram was getting shut down.  You know social media.  Once a rumor starts trending people believe it.

The tweet below explains that IG is deleting a large number of account.  I never understood why users would maintain backup accounts but now I see why.  I wish I would have created a backup account as an insurance policy.

Social media networks have to do more to secure our accounts.  We spend time creating content and we don’t want our creations deleted.

What do you think about Instagram’s recent problems? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.