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Inka Tiitto – America’s Got Talent

Inka Tiitto is an amazing air dancer who appeared on season 12 of America’s Got Talent.  In 2015, she was named the FAI Indoor Skydiving Freestyle World Champion.  Inka is 30-years-old and was born in Finland.  Along with being an air dancer, she’s a choreographer, skydiver and wind tunnel coach.

America’s Got Talent continues to find unique individuals with rare skills.  In 2011, Inka stepped into a wind tunnel for the first time.  When you hear “wind tunnel” you may think of NASA.  The organization uses wind tunnels to test spacecrafts.  Wind tunnels are tubes with air running inside.

Inka Tiitto America's Got Talent
Inka Tiitto America’s Got Talent
The aircrafts looked like they were having too much fun so we decided to try wind tunnels out for ourselves.  Now there are wind tunnel dance competitions around the world that feature contestants busting moves on air.

Wind tunnel dancing has become an art.  Dancers do graceful moves inside the tunnels, forcing you to pay attention.  Inka will have to be creative if she wants her dance skills to compete with the singing skills of most of AGT‘s contestants.  I think it’s apples and oranges.  They should create a separate show for the singers.

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By Jason John

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