How To Watch Power Early? – Spoilers

Download the Starz app to watch Power early.  Here’s a link to the Starz app on the Google Play Store and here’s a link to the Apple Store.  Episode 5 of season 4, “Don’t Thank Me” was one of the best episodes of Power I’ve ever seen.  Ghost is finally free! He was able to convince Angela that he didn’t murder Agent Greg Knox.


Angela reviewed the footage from the surveillance camera at Truth and she knows James never hid a gun in his office.  Prior to finding out that he would be released, Ghost almost got himself in some serious trouble for another murder.  Charlie Murphy’s character, Marshal Clyde Williams, pushed Ghost over the edge.  Ghost was in the prison’s weight room working out when the Marshal came in and started insulting James’ family.

How To Watch Power Early? Spoilers
How To Watch Power Early? Spoilers


Marshal Williams picked the wrong day to mess with Ghost.  He had a horrible day in court and was trying to burn off some steam.  The Marshal beat Ghost up on prior occasions but not this time around.  St. Patrick punched the Marshal several times before smashing his head with a weight.James wasn’t thinking.  If there was proof that he murdered the Marshal, he would have received the death penalty.  Luckily, there were no cameras in the weight room and Tony Teresi came in and saved the day.  He killed another prisoner and him and James made it look like a murder-suicide.

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