How Old Is Angelica Hale?

Angelica Hale is 9-years-old.  She was born on July 31, 2007.  She recently earned the Golden Buzzer treatment from Chris Hardwick.  I think she’ll win season 12 of America’s Got Talent.  The Filipino-American’s amazing performance also earned her a standing ovation.  When Hale was 4-years-old she suffered a bacterial infection in her lungs.

Angelica’s beautiful voice is proof that she survived her bacterial infection.  The infection destroyed her kidneys but luckily her mother was a perfect match.  The judges asked Hale about her plans for the future and she revealed that she wants to be the next Whitney Houston.  The videos below show Angelica’s audition performance along with her Golden Buzzer performance.

How Old Is Angelica Hale?
How Old Is Angelica Hale?


The following video shows Angelica’s audition.  She performed Andra Day’s song, “Rise Up.” Hale’s voice has been complimented by multiple judges.  She surprises people with her voice.  She’s young and tiny but her voice is strong and powerful.  Angelica is proof that being young and talented gives you wings.

Girl On Fire

Angelica delivered an unforgettable performance of Alicia Keys’ 2012 hit song, “Girl On Fire.” She couldn’t have chosen a song that was more appropriate.  Hale’s performance gave me life! She reminds us that we’ve never too young to chase our dreams.  She overcame kidney failure, reminding us to never give up.

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By Jason John

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