Dr. Brandon Rogers – June 11, 2017 Death, Obituary

Dr. Brandon Rogers’ June 11, 2017 death was mentioned on the last episode of America’s Got Talent.  The emotional video shows Brandon call his mother before his audition.  He tells her that he’s nervous and she explains that she knows he’ll do a wonderful job.  The video then shows Tyra Banks interview Rogers.

Brandon looks nervous during his interview with Tyra.  He tells her he’s a Family Medicine doctor from Portsmouth, Virginia.  Brandon explains that he was inspired to become a doctor when he was 6-years-old and found his mother at home lying in a pool of blood.  She was rushed to the hospital and doctors are able to save her life.

Brandon Rogers June 11, 2017 Death Obituary
Dr. Brandon Rogers June 11, 2017 Death Obituary

Brandon says that he was inspired to be a hero like the doctors that saved his mother’s life.

Tyra Banks Brandon Rogers America's Got Talent
Tyra Banks Dr. Brandon Rogers America’s Got Talent
The following pic shows Brandon and his beautiful mother.
Dr. Brandon Rogers Mom
Dr. Brandon Rogers Mom

Brandon’s obituary explains that the 29-year-old passed away after a car accident in Maryland.  Brandon was discovered by AGT’s producers who found a video of him singing Boyz II Men’s classic song, “On Bended Knee.”  The following video shows Rogers performing with Boyz II Men:

The following pic shows Brandon celebrating National Doctors Day:

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