Clark Sisters – Jay Z Samples

Jay-Z sampled the Clark Sisters on 4:44.  “Family Feud” features a sample from the Clark Sisters’ son “Hi Ya (Eternal Life).” In the song, the sisters explain that “Hi Ya” is a Hebrew tongue that means life.  Beyonce is featured on the track.  The song starts with the Clark Sisters beautiful vocals in the background and throughout the entire song.

Jay-Z explains that “Family Feud” is about the separation within hip hop.  He mentions the fact that Tupac Shakur had a nose ring because younger rappers have been called out for their piercings.  Rappers like Lil Uzi Vert have been insulted for doing what they want.  Jay understands the importance of individuality and creativity within the culture.

Clark Sisters Jay Z Samples
Clark Sisters Jay Z Samples
In the following video, Karen Clark-Sheard is seen listening to the track.  I’m glad she was listening to the clean version!
All the news surrounding 4:44 hasn’t been positive.  People don’t like being forced to download an app to consume the music they want to listen to.  Jay’s deal with Sprint made it difficult for some fans to hear his new album.  I don’t think Jay cares.  He’ll most likely sell Tidal to Apple once they make the right offer.


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