Chris Bosh Baby Mama – Allison Mathis, Basketball Wives

The Jasmine Brand reports that Chris Bosh’s baby mama, Allison Mathis, claims that the former NBA star got her fired from Basketball Wives.  The NBA champion would have most likely reconsidered that decision if he knew about his career ending injury.  Last month, an NBA doctor ruled that Chris’ career is over because of the blood clots in his legs and lungs.

It was all good a few years ago.  Chris joined LeBron James and Dwyane Wade in Miami and the Heat were winning championships.  LeBron left and Bosh’s career went downhill from there.  Now, Allison is claiming that she would have made $1 million if he wouldn’t have got her fired from Basketball Wives.

Chris Bosh Baby Mama Allison Mathis
Chris Bosh Baby Mama Allison Mathis

Allison started filming for the show back in 2011.  She did scenes with Dwight Howard’s baby mama, Royce Reed.  Mathis didn’t mention Chris’ name, similar to Dwyane Wade’s baby mama.  A real man would let the mother of his child make some extra money.  Not Chris.  He contacted the show’s producers and told them that Allison signed a non-disclosure agreement.  She got fired.  

What do you think about Chris Bosh refusing to let his baby mama, Allison Mathis, appear on Basketball Wives? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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