Cheryl Mack, R. Kelly, Kitti Jones, Asante McGee – Cult?

BuzzFeed reports that R. Kelly has been accused of holding women in a “cult.” Parents informed police that the singer is holding the women in a brainwashed environment and exposing them to physical and mental abuse.  Jay-Z warned us that R. Kelly was crazy and now I’m starting to believe it.

Cheryl Mack, Asante McGee and Kitti Jones are three former members of Kelly’s crew that offered statements that support the allegations against Kelly.  They explained that Kelly has women in homes in Chicago and Atlanta where he keeps different women.  Kelly tells them what to do, what to eat and even how to dress.

Cheryl Mack R. Kelly Kitti Jones Asante McGee Cult
Cheryl Mack R. Kelly Kitti Jones Asante McGee Cult

R. Kelly just can’t stay out of trouble.  Numerous concerned parents explained that they’re doing everything they can to try to regain control of their children.  A mother of a 19-year-old explained that Kelly has completely changed her daughter.  She didn’t recognize her baby girl the last time she saw her.  The 19-year-old claimed that she’s in love with R. Kelly.

Anyone who has seen fans react to R. Kelly would agree with the following tweet:

What do you think about R. Kelly being accused of holding women in a cult? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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