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Briana From Growing Up Hip Hop, Mary J. Blige Step Daughter

Briana was seen on episode 2 of Growing Up Hip Hop‘s third season, “Bad and Boogie.” She explains her confrontation with Angela Simmons to Kristinia DeBarge.  At DeBarge’s party, Angela doesn’t recall meeting Briana and Briana takes it person.  Angela asks Briana how old she was when they met the first time and Briana tells her that she doesn’t even know how old she is now.

Check out the scene below:

Briana from Growing Up Hip Hop is Mary J. Blige’s step daughter.  In the sixth episode of season 2, “Busta Crime” we see her in the hospital.  Briana Latrise sadly had a fight with her boyfriend.  The episode starts with Kristinia DeBarge visiting Briana in the hospital.  On previous occasions, Briana has told Kristinia about her boyfriend’s jealousy issues.

Once Kristinia arrives at the Emergency Room, Briana gets very emotional.  She explains that her and her boyfriend had a horrible argument after Andre’s party.  She starts to cry as she reveals that her boyfriend had her pinned down on the ground while he was hitting her in the face.

Briana From Growing Up Hip Hop Mary J Blige Step Daughter
Briana From Growing Up Hip Hop Mary J Blige Step Daughter

If there is one positive aspect of this story it’s the support Briana receives from her friends.  Kristinia consoles her at the hospital and gives her great advice.  DeBarge tells Latrise to leave to get away from her abusive boyfriend.  It may seem like obvious advice yet many victims of abuse give their partner a second chance.

Briana From Growing Up Hip Hop
Briana From Growing Up Hip Hop

As soon as Boogie and his girlfriend, Luna read about the incident, they call Briana to let her know that they got her back.  In 2013, Boogie’s ex-girlfriend accused him of strangling her.  We’re praying for Briana and hope she gets through this difficult situation.

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