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Bow Wow Beef – Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta

Who was Bow Wow fighting on Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta? Twitter thinks the fight was staged.  Scroll down to see the funniest Twitter reactions to the altercation.  Bow Wow is listening to music in the studio when all of a sudden someone comes in and says, “What’s up Hollywood?” Bow Wow is shocked.

Earlier in the episode someone sends Bow Wow a text message warning him to watch his back.  He didn’t want to move back to Atlanta because he says the city is too dangerous.  He moved to Los Angeles to raise his daughter in peace.  The season started and ended with Bow Wow fighting his former friends in Atlanta.

Bow Wow Beef Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta
Bow Wow Beef Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta

The following tweet explains that Bow Wow most likely paid an actor to come to the studio to fight him.  Bow Wow clearly knows the person.  He explains that there are numerous people he has worked with in the past who didn’t put in the hard work he put in.  Those people think Bow Wow owes them something and Bow Wow disagrees.

Season 2 of the series will most likely start by revealing the identity of the person Bow Wow has beef with.  While I think the altercation was staged, I’m sure there are some people in Atlanta that actually do hate Bow Wow.

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By Jason John

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