Bobby Valentino – Transgender? Gay?

The video at the end of this article claims that Bobby Valentino refused to pay a transgender for services.  The video is causing people to believe that Bobby V. is gay.  I doubt the rumors are true.  Bobby has too much money to be leaving without paying for anyone’s services.  The singer has been working hard since the 90s.

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In 2015, there were rumors that Bobby was dating Jhonni Blaze.  Their relationship didn’t work out.  Jhonni was recently spotted on a date with Empire‘s Bryshere Y. Gray.  The video shows the woman kicking Bobby out an apartment.  This month has been crazy: First R. Kelly, then Usher and now Bobby Valentino.

Bobby Valentino Transgender? Gay?
Bobby Valentino Transgender? Gay?
The following tweet calls black people out for the way in which they’re handling this situation.  While I agree that being transphobic is wrong, I expected this reaction.  If Bobby didn’t want this information to leak he should have paid his debts.

If you’re not familiar with Bobby V., some the singer’s most popular songs include “Slow Down”, “Anonymous” and “Pimpin All Over The World.”

What do you think about the rumor that Bobby Valentino was exposed by a transgender after refusing to pay for services? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.