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Ben Baller, Blac Chyna – Arrested?

Ben Baller claims that Blac Chyna tried to use Rob Kardashian’s credit card a few days before the former couple’s social media beef.  Ben Baller is a jeweler, DJ and producer who has worked with some of the most popular artists in the world, including Jay Z and Dr. Dre.  Ben called out Chyna’s lawyer, Lisa Bloom, on Twitter.

Bloom has her own talk show on Court TV and has appeared on MSNBC, ABC and CNN.  She tweeted about seeking a restraining order against Rob and Ben clearly wasn’t feeling that idea.  In the tweet below, Ben explains that Chyna tried to charge more than $300,000 on Rob’s credit card.  That’s enough money to make anyone go crazy.  I’m glad Rob got the cars back.

Ben Baller Blac Chyna Arrested
Ben Baller Blac Chyna Arrested

Blac Chyna was not arrested for the incident and she won’t be.  Rob should try to use the incident to prove that Chyna can’t be trusted.  Kris Jenner should try to get parenting rights for Dream because Rob and Chyna are unfit.

The tweet below explains that Blac Chyna’s actions do not represent black excellence.  She’s acting insane.  Karma is real and she’ll have to pay for what she’s putting Rob through.

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By Jason John

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