Ashley Henderson – Basketball Wives, Lou Williams

Ashley Henderson, Lou Williams’ former bae, made an appearance on the last episode of Basketball Wives.  Hazel, Evelyn, Bonnie-Jill and Shaunie are enjoying lunch when Ashley arrives.  Ashley and Hazel are friends and the ladies are excited to meet a new basketball wife.  Scroll to the video at the end of this article to see Ashley’s fight with Saniyyah Samaa.

Hazel tried to prepare the ladies for Ashley by explaining how open relationships are these days.  She’s referring to Ashley’s former relationship with NBA star, Lou Williams.  He was recently traded to the Los Angeles Clippers.  A few years ago he had two girlfriends that knew about each other: Ashley and Rece Mitchell.

Ashley Henderson Basketball Wives Lou Williams
Ashley Henderson Basketball Wives Lou Williams

Ashley explains that her and Lou are no longer together.  She introduced him and Rece and he’s still with Rece.  Evelyn is feeling Ashley because she’s pretty.  Ashley and Lou have a child together.  Bonnie Jill makes things awkward when she mistakes Ashley for one of Lou’s other girls.

Ashley explains that him and Lou used to bring girls in.  Rece was the wrong person to bring in because now they’re together.  Ashley puts Saniyya on blast, explaining that she slept with Lou.  Ashley ruins Saniyya’s reputation! Check out the video at the end of this article to see Ashley and Saniyya’s fight.

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