Why Is There A Dragonfly On Facebook?

There’s a fly on Facebook because June 21 is the first day of summer.  The fly was a dragonfly.  You’ll most likely only see it fly across your screen one time.  Dragonflies love being around water in the summer.  The beautiful insects are very colorful and live in the water throughout the fall, winter and spring.

School is just about finished for many students in the United States.  The summer heat is here and it’s time to have some fun!

Facebook continues to dominate social media with its collection of platforms.  Google’s variety of products led the company to establish the umbrella company Alphabet and Facebook will most likely be forced to eventually do something similar.

Why Is There A Dragonfly On Facebook?
Why Is There A Dragonfly On Facebook?

I don’t think Snapchat has a chance to compete with Facebook.  Instagram has copied all of Snapchat’s features making it very difficult for Snapchat to gain a competitive advantage.  Facebook has the resources to continue to make things difficult for Snapchat.

What will Mark Zuckerberg do next? His social network is one of the most successful companies in the world and it doesn’t look like that will change anytime soon.  Virtual reality seems interesting but it will be at least a decade before any company is able to master it.

What do you think Facebook should do next? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

By Jason John

Jason John is based in Maryland and covers Empire BBK’s News and Entertainment. He was previously a producer for the mobile site, helping to present Empire BBK’s news report to readers. More