Who Is Dancing Pumpkin Man? – (Gif)

Dancing Pumpkin Man is back! Who is he? The image below shows the Omaha, Nebraska native without his mask on.  In the words of Future: “Mask Off!” Dancing Pumpkin Man broke the Internet with his latest appearance on America’s Got Talent.  His real name is Matt Geiler and he was introduced to the world when he was the lead anchor on CW 10 PM news.

The pumpkin mask is too small but it is perfect.  Matt’s black leotard is also a gift from above.  This season of America’s Got Talent has been full of surprises.  From Angelica Hale to a contestant who sadly passed away.  The pic below shows Geiler without the mask:

Who Is Dancing Pumpkin Man?
Who Is Dancing Pumpkin Man?
Matt explains that him and his team would arrive at full go hour with holes in the program.  During Halloween week, the crew needed something to shoot as fast as possible and Matt answered the call.  Initially, no one knew it was Geiler under the mask.
Matt had all the right moves, as proven by the following gif:
Who Is Dancing Pumpkin Man? Gif
Who Is Dancing Pumpkin Man? Gif

The interview below is hilarious.  Matt has all the right words.  He compares his dance moves to a Van Gogh painting.

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By Jason John

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