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What Happened To August Alsina? – Hospitalized, Health Issues

August Alsina is currently in the hospital.  He recently revealed details about his health issues.  The New Orleans singer is battling liver disease.  He shared the pic below with the caption, “The Pursuit of HEALTHiNESS.” Liver disease can be caused by numerous factors or inherited.  Alsina’s autoimmune system is attacking his liver.

August says that he doesn’t like discussing his health because he doesn’t want anyone feeling sorry for him.  The singer has been working hard his entire life.  His career began when he started uploading songs to YouTube.  He didn’t have any positive male role models.  Both his dad and stepfather were addicted to crack.

What Happened To August Alsina? Hospitalized Health Issues
What Happened To August Alsina? Hospitalized Health Issues

The following video discusses a recent conversation August had with Jada Pinkett-Smith.  He tells Jada about his liver problem.

August has a close relationship with Birdman.  He originally wanted to sign with Young Money but I’m glad that didn’t work out.  The record label is constantly dealing with legal issues.  Alsina is currently signed to Def Jam.

The Dream helped August get his deal with Def Jam.  The Dream signed him to his label, Radio Killa Records by way of Def Jam.  Pray for August!

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