What Does Archive Mean On Instagram? – (Post)

The archive feature on Instagram allows you to hide specific post.  You can now move post that you have previously made public to a private section on the app.  Some people are comparing the feature to Snapchat’s Memories option.  The feature allows users to give a post a break instead of deleting it.

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The new feature is great for users who wants more control of their feed.  Many people simply make their accounts private but many entertainers don’t have that option.  They wants to enjoy the benefits of the app’s exposure, at all times.  Instagram is one of the few social media apps that continues to dominate.

What Does Archive Mean On Instagram? Post
What Does Archive Mean On Instagram? Post

Instagram may need to do something about the explicit content being shared on the app very soon.  One pic that should have been archived is the bottomless photo Amber Rose recently shared.  She’s promoting her upcoming event but she should know that she has a large amount of young followers.

In other Instagram news, Cleveland Cavaliers star, J.R. Smith broke the Internet after he liked a picture calling for his former teammate, Carmelo Anthony to join the Cavs.

What do you think about Instagram’s new Archive option? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.