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What Did Joseline Say About Stevie J And His Daughter Eva?

Joseline Hernandez said that Stevie J molested his daughter, Eva Jordan.  That’s why Mimi Faust doesn’t want Joseline around Eva.  That’s also why Stevie’s daughter Savannah is mad at Joseline.  Savannah can’t forgive Joseline for lying about her father and sister.  I don’t think Stevie will be able to maintain a relationship with Joseline.

In Love and Hip Hop Atlanta‘s fourteenth episode of season 6, “Reality Bites” we see Joseline and Savannah try to talk out their differences.  The ladies are unsuccessful and almost end up fighting.  Joseline is still in love with Stevie and proposes to him.  Stevie says “Yes” but explains that they have work to do.

What Did Joseline Say About Stevie J And His Daughter?
What Did Joseline Say About Stevie J And His Daughter?
In the Instagram post above Joseline calls Stevie out for being a deadbeat father.  I guess they won’t be getting married anytime soon.
Stevie wants Joseline to repair her relationship with his daughters but it doesn’t look like that’s gonna happen.  Even if Joseline is able to convince Stevie’s daughters to forgive her there’s no way she’ll be able to convince Mimi to forgive her.

The tweet below explains that Mimi refers to Joseline as “baby mama number 5” instead of calling her by her name.  Mimi hates Joseline and she isn’t shy about it.

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