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Tupac Using iPhone 7 In Movie?

Tupac and Faith use an iPhone 7 in All Eyez On Me.  50 Cent put the movie on blast via Instagram.  While Biggie’s biopic, Notorious, was praised, All Eyez On Me is receiving negative reviews.  Some of Tupac’s closest friends are calling the movie out.  Jada Pinkett Smith explained that the movie hurt her feelings.

Jada claims that the movie misrepresented her relationship with Tupac.  John Singleton produced one of Tupac’s greatest films of all time: Poetic Justice.  John and Tupac were close friends but Singleton had a falling out with the producers of All Eyez On Me.  That’s why Poetic Justice wasn’t included in the movie.

Tupac Using iPhone 7 In Movie?
Tupac Using iPhone 7 In Movie?

All Eyez On Me‘s producer, L.T. Hutton clapped back at Jada.  He explained that he created the movie based on what the rapper’s legacy should have been.  When you’re creating a biopic you should stick to the facts.  Tupac’s true life story is what fans wanted to see.  I’m getting sick of alternative facts.  Put some respect on Tupac’s name!

Tupac is rolling over in his grave.  He wouldn’t be happy with his biopic.  Do you agree?

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By Jason John

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