Sean Hannity Bike Accident – Dead?

Sean Hannity is alive, not dead.  The radio and television host had a minor bike accident that turned into a death hoax.  Hannity recently called out multiple news outlets for trying to damage President Donald Trump.  Hannity refers to CNN, The New York Times and more as the destroy-Trump media.

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Hannity calls out The Washington Post for citing anonymous sources in their report about the special counsel’s investigation of the president.  Hannity calls The Washington Post a political smear machine.  Trump explains that he’s being investigated by the person that told him to fire James Comey.

Sean Hannity Bike Accident Dead?
Sean Hannity Bike Accident Dead?

The tweet below calls out Rachel Maddow.  The user explains that if a liberal Hannity fan was shot by Trump supporter, Rachel Maddow would go crazy.

In the tweet below, Sean Hannity calls out Rachel Maddow for backtracking on the Trump-Russia lie.

In the video at the end of this article, Hannity calls out Rachel Maddow.  He also discusses Chris Matthews and references people who have been pushing conspiracy theories.  Divide and conquer is Hannity’s strategy.  He explains that Matthews needs to look no further than his colleague, Rachel Maddow, when searching for Trump-conspiracy pursuers.

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