Savannah Jordan – Stevie J Daughter

Stevie J’s daughter, Savannah has a serious temper problem.  I can’t blame her considering everything her father has put her through.  In episode 14 of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta‘s sixth season, “Reality Bites” Stevie decides to have Joseline have a conversation with his daughters.  Stevie and Joseline are back together and Savannah hates it.

Joseline tries to explain why she lied about Stevie abusing his daughter on social media but Savannah doesn’t want to hear it.  Savannah gets upset and Joseline tells her that she can’t beat her up.  Stevie tells VH1 to stop filming.

Savannah Jordan is Stevie J’s daughter.  We meet Stevie’s family on the first episode of Leave it to Stevie.  Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star, Joseline Hernandez has forced us to judge Stevie negatively.  Leave it to Stevie is a family show similar to T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle.  Let’s give Stevie a chance to prove he’s a good person.

Savannah is Stevie’s 17-year-old daughter.  Similar to her father, Savannah isn’t afraid to speak her mind but she can be stubborn at times.  In season 1 of Leave it to Stevie, we’ll see Savannah and Stevie work through their disagreements as Savannah becomes more independent.  No matter how old she is, Stevie reminds her that she’ll always be his baby girl.

Savannah Jordan Stevie J Daughter
Savannah Jordan Stevie J Daughter

Savannah is quickly becoming a fan favorite:

Now that Stevie is officially done with Joseline, Savannah is helping her father bounce back.

Savannah Jordan Stevie J Daughter
Savannah Jordan Stevie J Daughter

Stevie and Savannah may disagree at times, but there’s no doubting their love for each other.  No one in this world has the ability to love a girl more than her father.  While this is true, Stevie has multiple daughters, making things more complicated.  Savannah doesn’t get along with her sister, Sade.

Unlike Love and Hip Hop, Stevie doesn’t want his baby girls fighting each other to solve their problems.

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