Paul George Baby Mama – Cavaliers Trade?

Paul George’s baby mama, Daniela Rajic, is pregnant again.  She’s the former stripper that had George’s daughter three years ago.  Paul might be taking his talents to Cleveland to help LeBron and the Cavaliers.  Rumors suggest that the NBA star had a one night stand with Daniela, leading to the pregnancy.

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If Paul does end up in Cleveland, Daniela will most likely be right by his side.  After Daniela got pregnant, George tried to pay her $1 million to have an abortion.  She refused and gave birth to a beautiful daughter that they named Olivia.  Following Olivia’s birth, Daniela filed a paternity suit against George.

Paul George Baby Mama, Cavaliers Trade
Paul George Baby Mama, Cavaliers Trade
After Daniela filed a paternity suit, Paul George filed a suit to try to get full custody.  Paul and Daniela ultimately decided to both be in Olivia’s life.  Their co-parenting is clearly going well.  The couple has another child on the way.
Paul George isn’t what the Cleveland Cavaliers need to defeat the Golden State Warriors.  George isn’t the dominant player he once was as proven by the Cavaliers series against the Indiana Pacers.  Cleveland needs a skilled player like Giannis Antetokounmpo to stop Kevin Durant and the Warriors.
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