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My 600 lb Life Zsalynn – Before And After

Before and after pictures of Zsalynn from My 600 lb Life are shown below.  When we first met her, she weighed more than 600 pounds.  She didn’t have enough money for surgery so she started modeling.  All models don’t have perfect figures.  There are numerous fetish websites and she found a fat fetish site that was searching for models.

The people who appear on My 600 lb Life typically have relationship problems.  The individual’s partner is usually buying the person food, essentially killing them slowly.  Zsalynn ended up divorcing her husband after she lost more than 300 pounds.  The weight loss marked a new beginning and she’s looking for a new man.

My 600 lb Life Zsalynn Before And After
My 600 lb Life Zsalynn Before And After

Zsalynn’s husband, Gareth, was used to helping her.  Now that she is in shape, she doesn’t need any help.  That’s a difficult transition for many people.  Gareth has a good heart and helped take care of Zsalynn.  When someone no longer needs your help it makes you feel worthless.

I wish Zsalynn and Gareth’s marriage would have worked out.  Everything happens for a reason and I’m sure they’ll both move on.

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By Jason John

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