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Logan – Love And Hip Hop Atlanta

Is Logan the father of Jasmine Washington’s baby? Or did Kirk hire him to pretend the baby is his? Logan visited Rasheeda at her store to tell her that he’s Jasmine’s ex-boyfriend.  In episode 3 of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta‘s thirteenth season, “Jamaican Me Crazy” we see Logan meet Jasmine at the strip club.

Jasmine claims that Logan is a stalker.  He follows her out the strip club but Jasmine refuses to talk to him.  When he gets to the van, Jasmine starts screaming at him.  They say the loudest person in the room is the weakest and Jasmine was definitely the loudest.  Washington’s overreaction to Logan has #LHHATL fans confused.

Logan Love And Hip Hop Atlanta
Logan Love And Hip Hop Atlanta

Kannon is Logan’s father’s name

Kirk surprises Rasheeda in Jamaica where we find out that Logan’s father’s name is Kannon.  As you know, Jasmine’s son’s name is Kannon.  Kirk has denied that he’s Kannon’s father from the beginning and it looks like he could be telling the truth.  
In the preview for the next episode, we see Jasmine’s current boyfriend, Rod, call Logan out.  Rod asks Logan why he’s spreading lies and Logan tells him that he could be Kannon’s father.  We then see Rod yelling at Jasmine about sleeping with Logan.

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