Kevin Durant Girlfriend 2018, Wife – Stares Down Rihanna

Kevin Durant gave Rihanna a deadly stare during game 1 of the NBA Finals.  We all know about Rihanna and LeBron James’ past.  She loves King James but he’s a married man.  Durant is single and ready to mingle.  He has had numerous girlfriends and rumors suggest he was even engaged.  Kevin Durant’s latest girlfriend was reporter, Rosalyn Gold-Onwude.


Use the list at the end of this article to rank Durant’s girlfriends.  At 28-years-old, Durant should be looking to settle down and Rihanna could be the one.  KD and Rihanna are both close to Jay Z.  Durant is a member of Roc Nation Sports and Jay Z signed Rihanna to Def Jam when he was the record label’s president.

Kevin Durant Girlfriend 2017 Wife Stares Down Rihanna
Kevin Durant Girlfriend 2017 Wife Stares Down Rihanna

Kevin Durant was focused on winning until Rihanna showed up.  Durant was focused on showing off for Rihanna throughout the second half.  He’s talented enough to multi-task.  Steph Curry has a championship on his mind and isn’t letting Rihanna ruin it.

In the video above, Curry advises Durant not to fall into “that trap.” He says it like the Cleveland Cavaliers sent Rihanna to throw KD off his game.
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By Jason John

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