Is Draymond Green Suspended For Game 5? – Ejection?

Draymond Green was not ejected from game 4 and will play in game 5 of the NBA Finals.  Rumors about him getting suspended arose after he got a technical foul in game 4.  Fans thought the technical foul was his second but it was his first.  The first technical foul was given to Golden State Warriors coach, Steve Kerr, not Draymond.

The video at the end of this article shows LeBron James and Draymond Green in an episode of The Shop.  LeBron discusses why Draymond is such a great player.  He explains that Green is exactly like Charles Oakley, who also appears on the episode.  James says both Green and Oakley master one task.

Is Draymond Green Suspended For Game 5? Ejection
Is Draymond Green Suspended For Game 5? Ejection

LeBron’s business partner and manager, Rich Paul, also appear on the episode.  Rich explains that Tristan Thompson is a dominant player because he has also mastered one skill.  Green and Thompson are both dominant rebounders who help their teams win.  

Draymond Green will have to watch his temper in game 5.  LeBron and the Cavaliers are looking better than ever.  Kyrie Irving has finally found his game and J.R. Smith is shooting lights out.

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By Jason John

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