How Many Kids Does Beyonce Have? 2018

How many kids does Beyonce have as of 2018? Beyonce currently has three children.  Her first daughter’s name is Blue Ivy Carter.  She recently gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl named Sir Carter and Rumi.  The following Instagram pic shows Queen Bey and are twins.  She shared the pic on the day they turned one month old.

Beyonce’s husband, Jay Z wanted a boy and that’s exactly what he got.  The couple now have two girls and a boy.  This post includes all the questions surrounding the singer’s pregnancy.

What Song Did Beyonce Write For Her Miscarriage?

Beyonce’s song “Heartbeat” is about her miscarriage.  The song is featured in her 2013 HBO documentary, Life Is But A Dream.  Her miscarriage is the reason why she didn’t tell people about her second pregnancy.  Now that Blue Ivy is here, Beyonce was happy to tell the world that her and Jay Z are expecting twins.
How Many Kids Does Beyonce Have? 2017
How Many Kids Does Beyonce Have? 2017


How Many Kids Does Jay Z Have?

Jay Z has three children, his daughter Blue Ivy and his new twins.  We can’t wait to see pictures of the entire family.  I don’t think the couple plans on having anymore children.  There have been rumors about the rapper having secret children but they are all lies.  No, Empire‘s Bryshere Y. Gray is not Jay Z’s son.

Troy Aikman Looks Like Jay Z Meme

Blue Ivy looks like her father, Jay Z.  According to the Internet, her father looks like Troy Aikman.  The former Dallas Cowboys quarterback and the popular rapper have very similar features.  Although Troy is white and Jay-Z’s black, they could be related.  The Internet had a field day with this one:
Troy Aikman Looks Like Jay Z Meme
Troy Aikman Looks Like Jay Z Meme
Pictures of Jay Z and Troy Aikman side-by-side went viral last week.

While Jay Z wants a boy, some people are hoping Beyonce’s twins are girls:

The health of the babies is what really matters.  We can’t wait to welcome the newest additions to the Carter family!


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