Hassan Jameel – Net Worth, Toyota, Rihanna New Man

Hassan Jameel’s net worth is more than $1.5 billion.  Rihanna’s new man is Naomi Campbell’s ex-boyfriend.  Last year, Naomi and Hassan were spotted at one of Rihanna’s concerts.  Hassan’s family are the sole owners of the right to sell Toyota vehicles in Saudi Arabia.  Rihanna would be in a relationship with Naomi’s ex! Campbell and RiRi are close friends.  Last year, Naomi became the face of Rihanna’s Fenty Puma Fall Collection.

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Rihanna and Naomi are changing the game.  I think Naomi helped RiRi get over the Chris Brown situation and now she’s a different person.  When you’re as successful as Rihanna you don’t have time to waste worrying about past relationships.  You shake it off and keep it moving.

Hassan Jameel Net Worth Toyota Rihanna New Man
Hassan Jameel Net Worth Toyota Rihanna New Man

The following tweet explains that Hassan could be the reason that Rihanna and Naomi aren’t friends anymore.  As much as I love both Rihanna and Naomi, it’s so obvious that this is a publicity stunt.

Consider who we’re dealing with.  Rihanna and Naomi are both divas with great personalities.  They were clearly having drinks one night when one of them (probably RiRi) came up with the brilliant idea to stage a cat fight.  Hassan is not well known, making him the perfect billionaire to fight over.

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