Covfefe In Arabic? – Confefe Meaning, Donald Trump’s Tweet

Confefe aka covfefe is not Arabic.  The Google translations are shown in the picture below.  The nation is still trying to figure out what Donald Trump’s tweet meant.  The story may not seem important but many Americans are trying to understand President Trump’s thought process.  He also advised the nation to try to determine the word’s meaning.

The video at the end of this article explains that the president misspells words in his tweets all the time.  We went from Barack Obama, a Harvard Law graduate to Donald Trump.  Some social media users claim that “covfefe” means “I will stand up.” You’re in trouble if you’re relying on Twitter for your translations.

Covfefe In Arabic? Confefe Meaning Donald Trump’s Tweet

Confefe aka covfefe was a misspelling.  The president meant to type “coverage.” The tweet was great because it made the world forget about Kathy Griffin’s disgusting photoshoot.


The nation seems to agree on the following definition of covfefe.  I can’t believe he’s president considering how many people dislike him.  Donald Trump’s mistakes on social media prove that you can be anything you want to be.  Your future is bright.  Stop worrying about being perfect and go for it!


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By Jason John

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