Charlie Murphy – Power Season 4

Charlie Murphy makes an appearance on season 4 of Power.  The comedian and actor sadly passed away on April 12, 2017.  He plays a prison guard named Williams on Power.  James is in jail where he calls his lawyer.  He’s taking too long on the phone and Williams tells him to hurry up.  I got sad when I saw Charlie.

Murphy died from leukemia.  He was only 57-years-old.  Many remember his unforgettable appearances on Chappelle’s Show.  He’s Eddie Murphy’s older brother so he’s well-connected in Hollywood.  Charlie shared stories about Rick James and Prince.  The stories were hilarious.  Murphy should have tried to do a spinoff show.

Charlie Murphy Power Season 4
Charlie Murphy Power Season 4

James St. Patrick aka Ghost usually has everything figured out.  Season 4 of Power is different.  St. Patrick’s past is finally catching up with him.  He didn’t kill Agent Knox but he can’t be trusted.  Angela knows he’s a liar so it will be difficult to convince her that he didn’t do it.

Tasha will have to help James prove his innocence.  She always has his back and she hates Angela.  Tasha will do whatever it takes to help Ghost.

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By Jason John

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