Who Plays Samantha On Scandal? Zoe Perry

Zoe Perry plays Samantha on Scandal.  From 1992 to 1995, Perry played Jackie on Roseanne.  In 2005, she appeared in an episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent.  Perry’s other notable roles include Cold Case, Private Practice and NCIS.  Zoe’s father, Jeff Perry, plays Cyrus on Scandal.  Her mother, Laurie Metcalf, played Aunt Jackie on Roseanne.

Samantha also goes by the names “Sarah”, “Grace Dennis” and “Ms. Ruland.” In episode 13 of season 6, “The Box” we see Jake dig a tracking device out Samantha’s neck.  “I’ll send someone in with a Band-Aid.” Later, Jake lies to Samantha, telling her they have Peus and she believes him.  David Rosen is sent in to give her an immunity deal.

Who Plays Samantha On Scandal? Zoe Perry
Who Plays Samantha On Scandal? Zoe Perry

Samantha tells David Rosen she wants to start over.  She reveals that her real name is Grace.  She realizes Rosen is lying about Peus and she rips up the immunity deal.  David’s twitchy when he lies and Samantha doesn’t fall for their plan.  She refuses to talk and Peus continues to terrorize the nation with drones.

Fitz and Rowan develop a plan.  Rowan is taken to Grace’s cell and steals a gun from the guard.  He shoots the guard in the leg and gets away with Samantha.  Rowan ends up stabbing Samantha and Jake kills Peus.

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