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When Cookie Met Lucious

Check out “When Cookie Met Lucious” on Pepsi’s Facebook page.  The season 3 finale of Empire was amazing.  Cookie and Lucious are finally back on the same page.  Sadly, Andre set Lucious up and Cookie may have been involved.  Lucious is now in a coma.  Scroll down to hear some of the amazing songs from Empire‘s “Toil and Trouble Part 2” episode.

The season 3 finale ends with Lucious in a coma.  Demi Moore plays his doctor.  Cookie flips on her for the treatment methods she uses on the Empire Entertainment CEO.  Some things never change.  Cookie and Lucious have been in love since season 1 and they’ve both been crazy since Hustle and Flow!

When Cookie Met Lucious
When Cookie Met Lucious

Check out Jamal’s unforgettable performance of “Mama”:

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The following video shows Lucious perform “Dream On With You”:

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