What Happened To WhatsApp? Outage, Down – Won’t Connect

WhatsApp is down.  If your WhatsApp won’t connect don’t throw your phone.  There’s currently an outage.  I can’t send or receive messages and my old conversations aren’t showing up.  The Facebook-owned messaging app is down in multiple countries, so it’s most likely the servers.  First, I couldn’t log in but now I’m logged in and can’t send or receive messages.

You can try to restart your phone if you’re desperate but that didn’t work for me.  If you’re in an area with a strong Internet connection and you can’t connect, there’s most likely no issues with your phone.  This is the first WhatsApp outage in a long time.  Facebook acquired the company in 2014 and a year later there was a major outage.

What Happened To WhatsApp? Outage Down Won't Connect
What Happened To WhatsApp? Outage Down Won’t Connect

Twitter’s reaction to WhatsApp being down has been hilarious.  I couldn’t believe it when I found out and reacted like the guy in the following gif:

It’s easy to rely on instant messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.  I’m on the app every day.  It makes time go faster.

The following Twitter user came up with a unique way to handle the outage:

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By Jason John

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