What Does Confefe Mean? – Trump’s Tweet

Confefe or covfefe was President Donald Trump’s misspelling of the word “coverage.” He wrote the word on Twitter but has since deleted the tweet.  The president’s Twitter account is receiving attention for another reason: Nearly half his followers are fake.  He also has many bots.  A Twitter audit service was used to discover these findings.

The president’s fake followers may not seem like a serious issue but it definitely is.  The social networking service isn’t as popular as Facebook but Trump used it to spread his message throughout the 2016 presidential election.  He did an exceptional job sharing his “Make America Great Again” and we now understand how he did it.

What Does Confefe Mean? Trump's Tweet
What Does Confefe Mean? Trump’s Tweet

Social media users respect people with high follower counts.  Trump knew this so he focused on gaining respect by increasing his number of followers.  Many believe he did so by buying followers.  When you look at his followers, many of them don’t have profile pictures and they’ve never tweeted.

The same Twitter audit was applied to Barack Obama’s account and 79% of his followers are real.  Do you think the number of Twitter followers Donald Trump has matters? He has a huge ego and I think his high amount of followers gives him more confidence.What do you think about Donald Trump’s “confefe” tweet? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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