What Did Charlamagne Say About Ebro? – Beef

Ebro Darden and Charlamagne Tha God’s beef has resurfaced.  Scroll to the video at the end of this article to hear Ebro’s response.  Charlamagne went on Joe Budden’s podcast and revealed that Ebro wanted to take a selfie with him.  Charlamagne and Ebro are both too sensitive.  They both insult people all day and then get upset when they get called out.

Nessa asked Charlamagne to take a selfie with Ebro

In the video at the end of this article, Ebro cops a plea.  He gets Nessa to say that she asked him to take a selfie with Charlamagne.  The beef started after Charlamagne went on Tomi Lahren’s.  Ebro called Charlamagne out for being a coon.  Charlamagne made a joke about his appearance on the show that Ebro didn’t approve of.

What Did Charlamagne Say About Ebro? Beef
What Did Charlamagne Say About Ebro? Beef

Nessa and NFL player, Colin Kaepernick started that Know Your Rights Camp.  They had an event and Nessa wanted to invite Charlamagne.  She asked Ebro if that was cool and Ebro said it was fine.  Nessa has a positive relationship with Charlamagne and explains that him and Ebro have both shown support for Kaepernick.


Ebro reveals that him and Charlamagne don’t have any personal problems.  Peter Rosenberg also speaks on the situation.  He discusses how he reached out to Charlamagne but Charlamagne rejected his request to collaborate against Donald Trump.

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