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Uncle Mac On Greenleaf – Gregory Alan Williams

Uncle Mac on Greenleaf is played by actor, Gregory Alan Williams.  He’s best known for his roles in The Game, Necessary Roughness and The Sopranos.  He also appeared in Remember The Titans, Old School and numerous additional roles.  Williams was born on June 12, 1956 and is currently 60-years-old.

In episode 8 of season 2, “And The Spark Fly Upward” we see Grace continue to pursuit Mac and she gets in a horrible accident.  In the episode 7 of Greenleaf‘s second season, “Born To Trouble“, we found out that Deputy Mayor Baldwin Leonard used a connection to a judge to make sure Mac didn’t serve time.  Mac can care less about that favor and threatens to blackmail the mayor if he doesn’t get him a job.

Mac On Greenleaf Gregory Alan Williams
Uncle Mac On Greenleaf Gregory Alan Williams

“And The Spark Fly Upward” shows Mac get drunk and try to take advantage of a girl.  The girl gets away but Mac is so drunk he decides to call Gigi.  When Gigi receives the call she’s out on a date with Darius.  Gigi and Darius were waiting for Sophia to show up and Gigi’s worried about her.  Gigi jumps to the conclusion that Mac kidnapped Sophia and she rushes to his house.

When Gigi gets to Mac’s house they get into a fight.  Mac tries to choke her to death but Gigi grabs a broken bottle and sticks in in Mac’s neck.  Mac is bleeding to death.  He asks Gigi to call an ambulance and Gigi responds, “Tell me where she is.”

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