Unblock Someone Instagram – User Not Found 2017

If you’re trying to unblock someone on Instagram and you’re probably receiving the “user not found” message.  To unblock certain Instagram users, you have to type their username into the app’s search bar to access their profile.  Make sure you type the person’s full username.  Keep reading for additional Instagram news.

Donald Trump is a Twitter user but there’s one person he’ll most likely block on Instagram.  Barack Obama’s White House photographer, Pete Souza, has been trolling the Trumps’ failed attempts to hold hands.  Scroll down to see Pete’s hilarious Instagram post.  Melania Trump doesn’t do hand holding.  We’re guessing the couple will divorce soon.

Unblock Someone Instagram User Not Found 2017
Unblock Someone Instagram User Not Found 2017

Dear Mr. President,

This is how you hold hands:

A post shared by Pete Souza (@petesouza) on May 23, 2017 at 7:53am PDT

You have to love the Obamas.  Souza’s unforgettable pictures of the couple have been shared on his page along with the Obama White House account.  The page has been archived.  Here’s our favorite pic from the page:

A post shared by The Obama White House (@obamawhitehouse) on Jan 20, 2017 at 8:25am PST

When it comes to hand holding, Barack Obama knows exactly what he’s doing.  Many believe President Donald Trump will impeached.  I don’t think he likes being president.  He’s filthy rich and doesn’t like following anyone’s rules.

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By Jason John

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