Tony Goldwyn Leaving Scandal? – Is Fitz Still On?

Is Fitz leaving Scandal? In the season 6 finale, “Tick, Tock”/”Transfer of Power” we see Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) leave for Vermont.  Like Barack Obama, it was hard to say goodbye.  Season 7 will be the last season of Scandal, leading many to believe that we’ll never see Fitzgerald Grant III on the series again.

Fitz’s two terms have come to an end but I don’t think he’s leaving.  He may spend some time in Vermont making jam but Scandal fans love him too much for Shonda Rhimes not to include him in the show’s final season.  Initially, he thought about bringing back B613 but then he changed his mind.

Tony Goldwyn Leaving Scandal Is Fitz Still On?
Tony Goldwyn Leaving Scandal Is Fitz Still On?
Fitz tells Olivia that he’s not faking his goodbye and he seems sincere.  Olivia has tears in her eyes but she tries to hide her emotions.  We then see Fitz on his way to his helicopter and Olivia runs out and kisses him:

Olivia started out as Fitz’s side chick but she is now so much more.  The Scandal spinoff could be a family comedy that documents Fitz and Olivia’s life in Vermont.  I would definitely watch every episode.  Olivia wouldn’t agree.  She’s the new leader of B613.

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By Jason John

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