Steve Harvey – Fires Staff

Steve Harvey is firing his Chicago staff.  He’s moving his show to Los Angeles and and rumors suggests he’ll be hiring a new crew.  A memo that he wrote to his staff was leaked, making the comedian seem like a horrible person.  Some people don’t mind what he demands in the memo, it’s just the way he says it.  Harvey should have picked a better way to get his point across.

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I don’t think all of Steve’s requests are ridiculous but there’s some messages you don’t put in writing.  That leaked email will be here forever.  He could have had a physical meeting with his staff where he shared the same messages.  As long as none of his staff members recorded the meeting, he wouldn’t have to worry about any negative backlash.

Steve Harvey Fires Staff
Steve Harvey Fires Staff

Steve Harvey is spreading himself too thin.  He’s working too hard and he’s burning out.  He is rich and doesn’t have to accept half the hosting gigs he accepts.  Harvey is currently worth $100 million.  When you send out a memo like the one Steve sent out it’s time to look at yourself in the mirror.  Is it your staff you have a problem with or are you tired?

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