Saniy’yah Samaa – Basketball Wives

Saniy’yah Samaa (Allen Iverson’s former side chick) made an appearance on the sixth episode of Basketball Wives season 6.  Evelyn Lozada calls Saniy’yah to give Cristen a makeover.  Lozada had the right intentions but the makeover goes horrible.  The ladies are in Palm Springs and Saniy’yah explains that she goes all out when she’s hired to do something.

Saniy’yah brought hair, makeup, wardrobe and even an assistant.  Saniy’yah introduces Cristen to her assistant, Tiffany, and tells her not to be scared.  Samaa warns Cristen that she’s planning to take her out of her comfort zone.  I think Saniy’yah’s personality ruined the makeover.  She has a strong demeanor and Cristen’s non-confrontational.

Saniy'yah Samaa Basketball Wives
Saniy’yah Samaa Basketball Wives

Cristen isn’t sure Saniy’yah’s assistant knows how to do a black girl’s makeup.  Samaa has a persuasive mouthpiece and continues to calm Cristen down.  Samaa crosses the line when she starts discussing Criten’s finances.  “Maybe you’re not able to buy labels.” She tells Cristen that she would show her how to look good while staying within her budget.

Later, Samaa reveals that she’s a homewrecker.  She had a relationship with a NBA player (Allen Iverson) who has three children.  She claimed that she was in love with him.

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