Rick Ross Baby Mama – Black Ink Crew Atlanta

Rick Ross baby mama, Lastonia Leviston appeared on episode 18 of Black Ink Crew‘s fifth season, “Black Ink Crew: Atlanta.” The episode shows Lastonia visit Dutchess for a cover up.  Dutchess asks Lastonia how she’s doing and Lastonia responds “In the words of Nene Leakes, I’m rich!” In 2015, a judge ordered 50 Cent to pay Leviston $5 million for leaking her tape.

50 Cent released Lastonia’s tape because he was beefing with her baby father, Rick Ross.  The lawsuit led 50 to file for bankruptcy and taught him a valuable lesson.  The rapper now knows how to pick his battles.  He stopped beefing with Rick Ross after the lawsuit.  Lastonia kicks 50 while he’s down, explaining that she’s glad she stood up to him and showed him who’s really in charge.

Rick Ross Baby Mama Black Ink Crew Atlanta
Rick Ross Baby Mama Black Ink Crew Atlanta

The episode also showed the opening of Black Ink Crew Atlanta.  Donna was upset because she wasn’t invited to the grand opening but her and Sky discuss it and Sky invites her.  Dutchess’ ex-boyfriend, Ceaser, has moved on.  Karlie Redd shows him around Atlanta and he’s definitely attracted to her.
Ceaser may need to work things out with Dutchess.  Lastonia tells Dutchess to go after Ceaser’s finances because she helped him build Black Ink Crew.

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By Jason John

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